Tasting Note 的迷思

事先聲明我並非要抽人水,說別人寫的Tasting Note的級數不足,而抬高自己。我一向都有自知知明,知道自已寫的更加爛。但我想講的只不過是消費者經常會參考一支酒的Tasting Note,作為選購的參考。但到底Tasting Note能帶給消費者幾多有用的資訊?

話說某天收到一封推銷電郵,介紹兩支2010年不同酒莊的Barolo,還附上了著名酒評人A  的打的分和Tasting Note 供客戶參考。但看完後完全摸不著頭腦,不知道兩支酒的分別。

以下是酒評人A的Tasting Notes。

Barolo A

The 2010 Barolo A is beautiful in the way it brings together the vibrancy of the year with a soft, inviting textural presence. Freshly cut flowers, mint, sweet spices, anise and red berries are all woven together nicely in the glass. With time in the glass, the wine blossoms with exquisite finesse, floral aromatics and exquisite overall balance. Ripe, silky tannins support the exquisite finish. An insanely beautiful wine, the 2010 will give readers a good idea of just how great the 2010 vintage is at A. The Barolo A is made from a large number of parcels across the Barolo zone, many of which are of a high enough level of quality that they could be bottled separately. This is first-class juice.

酒評人A 打94分

Barolo B

The 2010 Barolo is gorgeous. Sage, rosemary, tar, dried rose petals and sweet spices meld together. An impeccable, perfumed Barolo, the 2010 impresses for its balance. Fine, silky tannins support the gracious finish in this medium-bodied, refined Barolo. Readers who want to get a sense of what the 2010 vintage is all about will want to check out this fabulous effort from B. This is decidedly a medium-bodied style for Serralunga, but it works.”

酒評人A 打92分


  • beautiful vs. gorgeous
  • woven together vs. meld together
  • exquisite overall balance vs. impresses for its balance
  • ripe, silky tannins vs. fine, silky tannins
  • a good idea vs. get a sense

但一般對酒認識不多的的消費者, 不可能會看得明白兩者的分別。而且更奇怪的是Barolo B 並沒有提及有任何果味,到底是沒有果味,還是酒評人想特出herbs 同 spices的味道,就不得而知。

我承認Tasting Note有其一定的價值,對於不同的葡萄,不同的地區,甚至好年和差年的酒的比較時,在味道和結構方面已有很大的差異,當然能供消費者作為參考,以分辨喜歡與否。但單一葡萄在同一地區同一年份,特別是兩支酒的級數一樣時,放在一起時就只會更令消費者混淆,這點做推銷的可能要注意一下,而到時分數才是勝負的關鍵。

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